Starter Deck: Syrus Truesdale Starter Deck - US

General Informations

  • Release date: July 25, 2007
  • Cards number: 41
  • Reference: YSDS-EN


  • Ultra Rare: 1
  • Super Rare: 1
  • Common: 39

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
YSDS-EN000 Expressroid Ultra Rare
YSDS-EN001 Cyber-Tech Alligator Common
YSDS-EN002 Robotic Knight Common
YSDS-EN003 Dark Blade Common
YSDS-EN004 Acrobat Monkey Common
YSDS-EN005 Archfiend Soldier Common
YSDS-EN006 Cycroid Common
YSDS-EN007 Jerry Beans Man Common
YSDS-EN008 Zure, Knight of Dark World Common
YSDS-EN009 Poison Mummy Common
YSDS-EN010 Mask of Darkness Common
YSDS-EN011 Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive Common
YSDS-EN012 Chiron the Mage Common
YSDS-EN013 Patroid Common
YSDS-EN014 Gyroid Common
YSDS-EN015 Steamroid Common
YSDS-EN016 Drillroid Super Rare
YSDS-EN017 Submarineroid Common
YSDS-EN018 Ambulanceroid Common
YSDS-EN019 Rescueroid Common
YSDS-EN020 Abaki Common
YSDS-EN021 Black Pendant Common
YSDS-EN022 Rush Recklessly Common
YSDS-EN023 Giant Trunade Common
YSDS-EN024 Heavy Storm Common
YSDS-EN025 Book of Moon Common
YSDS-EN026 Smashing Ground Common
YSDS-EN027 Enemy Controller Common
YSDS-EN028 Earthquake Common
YSDS-EN029 A Feather of the Phoenix Common
YSDS-EN030 Lightning Vortex Common
YSDS-EN031 Brain Control Common
YSDS-EN032 Trap Hole Common
YSDS-EN033 Magic Jammer Common
YSDS-EN034 Seven Tools of the Bandit Common
YSDS-EN035 Sakuretsu Armor Common
YSDS-EN036 Threatening Roar Common
YSDS-EN037 Negate Attack Common
YSDS-EN038 Magic Cylinder Common
YSDS-EN039 Rising Energy Common
YSDS-EN040 Supercharge Common