Starter Deck: Kaiba Starter Deck - US

General Informations

  • Release date: March 29, 2002
  • Cards number: 50
  • Reference: SDK


  • Ultra Rare: 1
  • Super Rare: 2
  • Common: 47

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
SDK-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare
SDK-002 Hitotsu-Me Giant Common
SDK-003 Ryu-Kishin Common
SDK-004 The Wicked Worm Beast Common
SDK-005 Battle Ox Common
SDK-006 Koumori Dragon Common
SDK-007 Judge Man Common
SDK-008 Rogue Doll Common
SDK-009 Kojikocy Common
SDK-010 Uraby Common
SDK-011 Gyakutenno Megami Common
SDK-012 Mystic Horseman Common
SDK-013 Terra the Terrible Common
SDK-014 Dark Titan of Terror Common
SDK-015 Dark Assassin Common
SDK-016 Master & Expert Common
SDK-017 Unknown Warrior of Fiend Common
SDK-018 Mystic Clown Common
SDK-019 Ogre of the Black Shadow Common
SDK-020 Dark Energy Common
SDK-021 Invigoration Common
SDK-022 Dark Hole Common
SDK-023 Ookazi Common
SDK-024 Ryu-Kishin Powered Common
SDK-025 Swordstalker Common
SDK-026 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Common
SDK-027 Rude Kaiser Common
SDK-028 Destroyer Golem Common
SDK-029 Skull Red Bird Common
SDK-030 D. Human Common
SDK-031 Pale Beast Common
SDK-032 Fissure Common
SDK-033 Trap Hole Common
SDK-034 Two-Pronged Attack Common
SDK-035 De-Spell Common
SDK-036 Monster Reborn Common
SDK-037 The Inexperienced Spy Common
SDK-038 Reinforcements Common
SDK-039 Ancient Telescope Common
SDK-040 Just Desserts Common
SDK-041 Lord of D. Super Rare
SDK-042 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Super Rare
SDK-043 Mysterious Puppeteer Common
SDK-044 Trap Master Common
SDK-045 Sogen Common
SDK-046 Hane-Hane Common
SDK-047 Reverse Trap Common
SDK-048 Remove Trap Common
SDK-049 Castle Walls Common
SDK-050 Ultimate Offering Common