Power of the Duelist - US

General Informations

  • Release date: August 16, 2006
  • Cards number: 60
  • Reference: POTD-EN


  • Ultimate Rare: 25
  • Ultra Rare: 4
  • Super Rare: 7
  • Rare: 14
  • Common: 35

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
POTD-EN001 Elemental Hero Neos Common
POTD-EN002 Sabersaurus Common
POTD-EN003 Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN004 Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN005 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN006 Chrysalis Dolphin Common
POTD-EN007 Rallis the Star Bird Common
POTD-EN008 Submarineroid Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN009 Ambulanceroid Common
POTD-EN010 Decoyroid Common
POTD-EN011 Rescueroid Common
POTD-EN012 Destiny Hero - Double Dude Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN013 Destiny Hero - Defender Common
POTD-EN014 Destiny Hero - Dogma Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN015 Destiny Hero - Blade Master Common
POTD-EN016 Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Common
POTD-EN017 Destiny Hero - Dasher Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN018 Black Ptera Common
POTD-EN019 Black Stego Common
POTD-EN020 Ultimate Tyranno Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN021 Miracle Jurassic Egg Common
POTD-EN022 Babycerasaurus Common
POTD-EN023 Bitelon Common
POTD-EN024 Alien Grey Common
POTD-EN025 Alien Skull Common
POTD-EN026 Alien Hunter Common
POTD-EN027 Alien Warrior Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN028 Alien Mother Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN029 Cosmic Horror Gangi'el Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN030 Flying Saucer Muusik'i Common
POTD-EN031 Elemental Hero Aqua Neos Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN032 Elemental Hero Flare Neos Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN033 Elemental Hero Dark Neos Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN034 Chimeratech Overdragon Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN035 Ambulance Rescueroid Common
POTD-EN036 Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN037 Contact Common
POTD-EN038 Fake Hero Common
POTD-EN039 Spell Calling Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN040 Vehicroid Connection Zone Common
POTD-EN041 D - Spirit Common
POTD-EN042 Overload Fusion Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN043 Cyclone Blade Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN044 Future Fusion Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN045 Common Soul Common
POTD-EN046 Neo Space Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN047 Mausoleum of the Emperor Common
POTD-EN048 Dark City Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN049 Destiny Mirage Common
POTD-EN050 D - Chain Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN051 Crop Circles Common
POTD-EN052 The Paths of Destiny Common
POTD-EN053 Orbital Bombardment Common
POTD-EN054 Royal Writ of Taxation Common
POTD-EN055 Wonder Garage Common
POTD-EN056 Supercharge Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN057 Cyber Summon Blaster Rare, Ultimate Rare
POTD-EN058 Fossil Excavation Common
POTD-EN059 Synthetic Seraphim Common
POTD-EN060 Brainwashing Beam Common