Metal Raiders Booster - US

General Informations

  • Release date: June 26, 2002
  • Cards number: 144
  • Reference: MRD


  • Secret Rare: 2
  • Ultra Rare: 10
  • Super Rare: 11
  • Rare: 20
  • Common: 101

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
MRD-000 Gate Guardian Secret Rare
MRD-001 Feral Imp Common
MRD-002 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Common
MRD-003 Summoned Skull Ultra Rare
MRD-004 Rock Ogre Grotto #1 Common
MRD-005 Armored Lizard Common
MRD-006 Killer Needle Common
MRD-007 Larvae Moth Common
MRD-008 Harpie Lady Common
MRD-009 Harpie Lady Sisters Super Rare
MRD-010 Kojikocy Common
MRD-011 Cocoon of Evolution Common
MRD-012 Crawling Dragon Common
MRD-013 Armored Zombie Common
MRD-014 Mask of Darkness Rare
MRD-015 Doma the Angel of Silence Common
MRD-016 White Magical Hat Rare
MRD-017 Big Eye Common
MRD-018 B. Skull Dragon Ultra Rare
MRD-019 Masked Sorcerer Rare
MRD-020 Roaring Ocean Snake Common
MRD-021 Water Omotics Common
MRD-022 Ground Attacker Bugroth Common
MRD-023 Petit Moth Common
MRD-024 Elegant Egotist Rare
MRD-025 Sanga of the Thunder Super Rare
MRD-026 Kazejin Super Rare
MRD-027 Suijin Super Rare
MRD-028 Mystic Lamp Common
MRD-029 Steel Scorpion Common
MRD-030 Ocubeam Common
MRD-031 Leghul Common
MRD-032 Ooguchi Common
MRD-033 Leogun Common
MRD-034 Blast Juggler Common
MRD-035 Jinzo #7 Common
MRD-036 Magician of Faith Rare
MRD-037 Ancient Elf Common
MRD-038 Deepsea Shark Common
MRD-039 Bottom Dweller Common
MRD-040 Destroyer Golem Common
MRD-041 Kaminari Attack Common
MRD-042 Rainbow Flower Common
MRD-043 Morinphen Common
MRD-044 Mega Thunderball Common
MRD-045 Tongyo Common
MRD-046 Empress Judge Common
MRD-047 Pale Beast Common
MRD-048 Electric Lizard Common
MRD-049 Hunter Spider Common
MRD-050 Ancient Lizard Warrior Common
MRD-051 Queen's Double Common
MRD-052 Trent Common
MRD-053 Disk Magician Common
MRD-054 Hyosube Common
MRD-055 Hibikime Common
MRD-056 Fake Trap Rare
MRD-057 Tribute to The Doomed Super Rare
MRD-058 Soul Release Common
MRD-059 The Cheerful Coffin Common
MRD-060 Change of Heart Ultra Rare
MRD-061 Baby Dragon Common
MRD-062 Blackland Fire Dragon Common
MRD-063 Swamp Battleguard Common
MRD-064 Battle Steer Common
MRD-065 Time Wizard Ultra Rare
MRD-066 Saggi the Dark Clown Common
MRD-067 Dragon Piper Common
MRD-068 Illusionist Faceless Mage Common
MRD-069 Sangan Rare
MRD-070 Great Moth Rare
MRD-071 Kuriboh Super Rare
MRD-072 Jellyfish Common
MRD-073 Castle of Dark Illusions Common
MRD-074 King of Yamimakai Common
MRD-075 Catapult Turtle Super Rare
MRD-076 Mystic Horseman Common
MRD-077 Rabid Horseman Common
MRD-078 Crass Clown Common
MRD-079 Pumpking the King of Ghosts Common
MRD-080 Dream Clown Common
MRD-081 Tainted Wisdom Common
MRD-082 Ancient Brain Common
MRD-083 Guardian of the Labyrinth Common
MRD-084 Prevent Rat Common
MRD-085 The Little Swordsman of Aile Common
MRD-086 Princess of Tsurugi Rare
MRD-087 Protector of the Throne Common
MRD-088 Tremendous Fire Common
MRD-089 Jirai Gumo Common
MRD-090 Shadow Ghoul Rare
MRD-091 Labyrinth Tank Common
MRD-092 Ryu-Kishin Powered Common
MRD-093 Bickuribox Common
MRD-094 Giltia the D. Knight Common
MRD-095 Launcher Spider Common
MRD-096 Giga-Tech Wolf Common
MRD-097 Thunder Dragon Common
MRD-098 7 Colored Fish Common
MRD-099 The Immortal of Thunder Common
MRD-100 Punished Eagle Common
MRD-101 Insect Soldiers of the Sky Common
MRD-102 Hoshiningen Rare
MRD-103 Musician King Common
MRD-104 Yado Karu Common
MRD-105 Cyber Saurus Common
MRD-106 Cannon Soldier Super Rare
MRD-107 Muka Muka Common
MRD-108 The Bistro Butcher Common
MRD-109 Star Boy Rare
MRD-110 Milus Radiant Rare
MRD-111 Flame Cerebrus Common
MRD-112 Niwatori Common
MRD-113 Dark Elf Rare
MRD-114 Mushroom Man #2 Common
MRD-115 Lava Battleguard Common
MRD-116 Witch of the Black Forest Rare
MRD-117 Little Chimera Rare
MRD-118 Bladefly Rare
MRD-119 Lady of Faith Common
MRD-120 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Super Rare
MRD-121 Witch's Apprentice Rare
MRD-122 Blue-Winged Crown Common
MRD-123 Skull Knight Common
MRD-124 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Common
MRD-125 Garnecia Elefantis Super Rare
MRD-126 Barrel Dragon Ultra Rare
MRD-127 Solemn Judgment Ultra Rare
MRD-128 Magic Jammer Ultra Rare
MRD-129 Seven Tools of the Bandit Ultra Rare
MRD-130 Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare
MRD-131 Shield & Sword Rare
MRD-132 Sword of Deep-Seated Common
MRD-133 Block Attack Common
MRD-134 The Unhappy Maiden Common
MRD-135 Robbin' Goblin Rare
MRD-136 Germ Infection Common
MRD-137 Paralyzing Potion Common
MRD-138 Mirror Force Ultra Rare
MRD-139 Ring of Magnetism Common
MRD-140 Share the Pain Common
MRD-141 Stim-Pack Common
MRD-142 Heavy Storm Super Rare
MRD-143 Thousand Dragon Secret Rare