Magic Ruler Booster - US

General Informations

  • Release date: September 16, 2002
  • Cards number: 104
  • Reference: MRL


  • Secret Rare: 2
  • Ultra Rare: 10
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Rare: 17
  • Common: 65

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
MRL-000 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Secret Rare
MRL-001 Penguin Knight Common
MRL-002 Axe of Despair Ultra Rare
MRL-003 Black Pendant Super Rare
MRL-004 Horn of Light Common
MRL-005 Malevolent Nuzzler Common
MRL-006 Spellbinding Circle Ultra Rare
MRL-007 Metal Fish Common
MRL-008 Electric Snake Common
MRL-009 Queen Bird Common
MRL-010 Ameba Rare
MRL-011 Peacock Common
MRL-012 Maha Vailo Super Rare
MRL-013 Guardian of the Throne Room Common
MRL-014 Fire Kraken Common
MRL-015 Minar Common
MRL-016 Griggle Common
MRL-017 Tyhone #2 Common
MRL-018 Ancient One of the Deep Forest Common
MRL-019 Dark Witch Common
MRL-020 Weather Report Common
MRL-021 Mechanical Snail Common
MRL-022 Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames Common
MRL-023 Liquid Beast Common
MRL-024 Hiro's Shadow Scout Rare
MRL-025 High Tide Gyojin Common
MRL-026 Invader of the Throne Super Rare
MRL-027 Whiptail Crow Common
MRL-028 Slot Machine Common
MRL-029 Relinquished Ultra Rare
MRL-030 Red Archery Girl Common
MRL-031 Gravekeeper's Servant Common
MRL-032 Curse of Fiend Common
MRL-033 Upstart Goblin Common
MRL-034 Toll Common
MRL-035 Final Destiny Common
MRL-036 Snatch Steal Ultra Rare
MRL-037 Chorus of Sanctuary Common
MRL-038 Confiscation Super Rare
MRL-039 Delinquent Duo Ultra Rare
MRL-040 Darkness Approaches Common
MRL-041 Fairy's Hand Mirror Common
MRL-042 Tailor of the Fickle Common
MRL-043 Rush Recklessly Rare
MRL-044 The Reliable Guardian Common
MRL-045 The Forceful Sentry Ultra Rare
MRL-046 Chain Energy Common
MRL-047 Mystical Space Typhoon Ultra Rare
MRL-048 Giant Trunade Super Rare
MRL-049 Painful Choice Super Rare
MRL-050 Snake Fang Common
MRL-051 Black Illusion Ritual Super Rare
MRL-052 Octoberser Common
MRL-053 Psychic Kappa Common
MRL-054 Horn of the Unicorn Rare
MRL-055 Labyrinth Wall Common
MRL-056 Wall Shadow Common
MRL-057 Twin Long Rods #2 Common
MRL-058 Stone Ogre Grotto Common
MRL-059 Magical Labyrinth Common
MRL-060 Eternal Rest Common
MRL-061 Megamorph Ultra Rare
MRL-062 Commencement Dance Common
MRL-063 Hamburger Recipe Common
MRL-064 House of Adhesive Tape Common
MRL-065 Eatgaboon Common
MRL-066 Turtle Oath Common
MRL-067 Performance of Sword Common
MRL-068 Hungry Burger Common
MRL-069 Crab Turtle Common
MRL-070 Ryu-Ran Common
MRL-071 Manga Ryu-Ran Rare
MRL-072 Toon Mermaid Ultra Rare
MRL-073 Toon Summoned Skull Ultra Rare
MRL-074 Jigen Bakudan Common
MRL-075 Hyozanryu Rare
MRL-076 Toon World Super Rare
MRL-077 Cyber Jar Rare
MRL-078 Banisher of the Light Super Rare
MRL-079 Giant Rat Rare
MRL-080 Senju of the Thousand Hands Rare
MRL-081 UFO Turtle Rare
MRL-082 Flash Assailant Common
MRL-083 Karate Man Rare
MRL-084 Dark Zebra Common
MRL-085 Giant Germ Rare
MRL-086 Nimble Momonga Rare
MRL-087 Spear Cretin Common
MRL-088 Shining Angel Rare
MRL-089 Boar Soldier Common
MRL-090 Mother Grizzly Rare
MRL-091 Flying Kamakiri #1 Rare
MRL-092 Ceremonial Bell Common
MRL-093 Sonic Bird Common
MRL-094 Mystic Tomato Rare
MRL-095 Kotodama Common
MRL-096 Gaia Power Common
MRL-097 Umiiruka Common
MRL-098 Molten Destruction Common
MRL-099 Rising Air Current Common
MRL-100 Luminous Spark Common
MRL-101 Mystic Plasma Zone Common
MRL-102 Messenger of Peace Super Rare
MRL-103 Secret Night Dragon Secret Rare