Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - US

General Informations

  • Release date: March 8, 2002
  • Cards number: 126
  • Reference: LOB


  • Secret Rare: 2
  • Ultra Rare: 10
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Rare: 22
  • Common: 82

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
LOB-000 Tri-Horned Dragon Secret Rare
LOB-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare
LOB-002 Hitotsu-Me Giant Common
LOB-003 Flame Swordsman Super Rare
LOB-004 Skull Servant Common
LOB-005 Dark Magician Ultra Rare
LOB-006 Gaia The Fierce Knight Ultra Rare
LOB-007 Celtic Guardian Super Rare
LOB-008 Basic Insect Common
LOB-009 Mammoth Graveyard Common
LOB-010 Silver Fang Common
LOB-011 Dark Gray Common
LOB-012 Trial of Hell Common
LOB-013 Nemuriko Common
LOB-014 The 13th Grave Common
LOB-015 Charubin the Fire Knight Rare
LOB-016 Flame Manipulator Common
LOB-017 Monster Egg Common
LOB-018 Firegrass Common
LOB-019 Darkfire Dragon Rare
LOB-020 Dark King of the Abyss Common
LOB-021 Fiend Reflection #2 Common
LOB-022 Fusionist Rare
LOB-023 Turtle Tiger Common
LOB-024 Petit Dragon Common
LOB-025 Petit Angel Common
LOB-026 Hinotama Soul Common
LOB-027 Aqua Madoor Rare
LOB-028 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame Common
LOB-029 Flame Ghost Rare
LOB-030 Two-Mouth Darkruler Common
LOB-031 Dissolverock Common
LOB-032 Root Water Common
LOB-033 The Furious Sea King Common
LOB-034 Green Phantom King Common
LOB-035 Ray & Temperature Common
LOB-036 King Fog Common
LOB-037 Mystical Sheep #2 Common
LOB-038 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Common
LOB-039 Kurama Common
LOB-040 Legendary Sword Common
LOB-041 Beast Fangs Common
LOB-042 Violet Crystal Common
LOB-043 Book of Secret Arts Common
LOB-044 Power of Kaishin Common
LOB-045 Dragon Capture Jar Rare
LOB-046 Forest Common
LOB-047 Wasteland Common
LOB-048 Mountain Common
LOB-049 Sogen Common
LOB-050 Umi Common
LOB-051 Yami Common
LOB-052 Dark Hole Super Rare
LOB-053 Raigeki Super Rare
LOB-054 Red Medicine Common
LOB-055 Sparks Common
LOB-056 Hinotama Common
LOB-057 Fissure Rare
LOB-058 Trap Hole Super Rare
LOB-059 Polymerization Super Rare
LOB-060 Remove Trap Common
LOB-061 Two-Pronged Attack Rare
LOB-062 Mystical Elf Super Rare
LOB-063 Tyhone Common
LOB-064 Beaver Warrior Common
LOB-065 Gravedigger Ghoul Rare
LOB-066 Curse of Dragon Super Rare
LOB-067 Karbonala Warrior Rare
LOB-068 Giant Soldier of Stone Rare
LOB-069 Uraby Common
LOB-070 Red-eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare
LOB-071 Reaper of the Cards Rare
LOB-072 Witty Phantom Common
LOB-073 Larvas Common
LOB-074 Hard Armor Common
LOB-075 Man Eater Common
LOB-076 M-Warrior #1 Common
LOB-077 M-Warrior #2 Common
LOB-078 Spirit of the Harp Rare
LOB-079 Armaill Common
LOB-080 Terra the Terrible Common
LOB-081 Frenzied Panda Common
LOB-082 Kumootoko Common
LOB-083 Meda Bat Common
LOB-084 Enchanting Mermaid Common
LOB-085 Fireyarou Common
LOB-086 Dragoness the Wicked Knight Rare
LOB-087 One-Eyed Shield Dragon Common
LOB-088 Dark Energy Common
LOB-089 Laser Cannon Armor Common
LOB-090 Vile Germs Common
LOB-091 Silver Bow and Arrow Common
LOB-092 Dragon Treasure Common
LOB-093 Electro-Whip Common
LOB-094 Mystical Moon Common
LOB-095 Stop Defense Rare
LOB-096 Machine Conversion Factory Common
LOB-097 Raise Body Heat Common
LOB-098 Follow Wind Common
LOB-099 Goblin's Secret Remedy Rare
LOB-100 Final Flame Rare
LOB-101 Swords of Revealing Light Super Rare
LOB-102 Metal Dragon Rare
LOB-103 Spike Seadra Common
LOB-104 Tripwire Beast Common
LOB-105 Skull Red Bird Common
LOB-106 Armed Ninja Rare
LOB-107 Flower Wolf Rare
LOB-108 Man-Eater Bug Super Rare
LOB-109 Sand Stone Common
LOB-110 Hane-Hane Rare
LOB-111 Misairuzame Common
LOB-112 Steel Ogre Grotto #1 Common
LOB-113 Lesser Dragon Common
LOB-114 Darkworld Thorns Common
LOB-115 Drooling Lizard Common
LOB-116 Armored Starfish Common
LOB-117 Succubus Knight Common
LOB-118 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare
LOB-119 Pot of Greed Rare
LOB-120 Right Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare
LOB-121 Left Leg of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare
LOB-122 Right Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare
LOB-123 Left Arm of the Forbidden One Ultra Rare
LOB-124 Exodia the Forbidden One Ultra Rare
LOB-125 Gaia the Dragon Champion Secret Rare