Legacy of Darkness - US

General Informations

  • Release date: June 6, 2003
  • Cards number: 101
  • Reference: LOD


  • Secret Rare: 2
  • Ultra Rare: 10
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Rare: 17
  • Common: 62

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
LOD-000 Yata-Garasu Secret Rare
LOD-001 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ultra Rare
LOD-002 Dark Balter the Terrible Super Rare
LOD-003 Lesser Fiend Rare
LOD-004 Possessed Dark Soul Common
LOD-005 Winged Minion Common
LOD-006 Skull Knight #2 Common
LOD-007 Ryu-Kishin Clown Common
LOD-008 Twin-Headed Wolf Common
LOD-009 Opticlops Rare
LOD-010 Bark of Dark Ruler Common
LOD-011 Fatal Abacus Rare
LOD-012 Life Absorbing Machine Common
LOD-013 The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler Common
LOD-014 Soul Demolition Common
LOD-015 Double Snare Common
LOD-016 Freed the Matchless General Ultra Rare
LOD-017 Throwstone Unit Common
LOD-018 Marauding Captain Ultra Rare
LOD-019 Ryu Senshi Super Rare
LOD-020 Warrior Dai Grepher Common
LOD-021 Mysterious Guard Common
LOD-022 Frontier Wiseman Common
LOD-023 Exiled Force Super Rare
LOD-024 The Hunter with 7 Weapons Common
LOD-025 Shadow Tamer Rare
LOD-026 Dragon Manipulator Common
LOD-027 The A. Forces Rare
LOD-028 Reinforcement of the Army Super Rare
LOD-029 Array of Revealing Light Rare
LOD-030 The Warrior Returning Alive Rare
LOD-031 Ready for Intercepting Common
LOD-032 A Feint Plan Common
LOD-033 Emergency Provisions Common
LOD-034 Tyrant Dragon Ultra Rare
LOD-035 Spear Dragon Super Rare
LOD-036 Spirit Ryu Common
LOD-037 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Common
LOD-038 Lizard Soldier Common
LOD-039 Fiend Skull Dragon Super Rare
LOD-040 Cave Dragon Common
LOD-041 Gray Wing Common
LOD-042 Troop Dragon Common
LOD-043 The Dragon's Bead Rare
LOD-044 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Common
LOD-045 Dragon's Gunfire Common
LOD-046 Stamping Destruction Common
LOD-047 Super Rejuvenation Common
LOD-048 Dragon's Rage Common
LOD-049 Burst Breath Common
LOD-050 Luster Dragon #2 Super Rare
LOD-051 Robotic Knight Common
LOD-052 Wolf Axwielder Common
LOD-053 The Illusory Gentleman Common
LOD-054 Robolady Common
LOD-055 Roboyarou Common
LOD-056 Fiber Jar Ultra Rare
LOD-057 Serpentine Princess Common
LOD-058 Patrician of Darkness Common
LOD-059 Thunder Nyan Nyan Rare
LOD-060 Gradius's Option Common
LOD-061 Woodland Sprite Common
LOD-062 Airknight Parshath Ultra Rare
LOD-063 Twin-Headed Behemoth Super Rare
LOD-064 Maharaghi Common
LOD-065 Inaba White Rabbit Common
LOD-066 Susa Soldier Rare
LOD-067 Yamata Dragon Ultra Rare
LOD-068 Great Long Nose Common
LOD-069 Otohime Common
LOD-070 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Ultra Rare
LOD-071 Asura Priest Super Rare
LOD-072 Fushi No Tori Common
LOD-073 Super Robolady Common
LOD-074 Super Roboyarou Common
LOD-075 Fengsheng Mirror Common
LOD-076 Spring of Rebirth Common
LOD-077 Heart of Clear Water Common
LOD-078 A Legendary Ocean Common
LOD-079 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade Rare
LOD-080 Smoke Grenade of the Thief Common
LOD-081 Creature Swap Ultra Rare
LOD-082 Spiritual Energy Settle Machine Common
LOD-083 Second Coin Toss Rare
LOD-084 Convulsion of Nature Common
LOD-085 The Secret of the Bandit Common
LOD-086 After Genocide Rare
LOD-087 Magic Reflector Rare
LOD-088 Blast with Chain Rare
LOD-089 Disappear Common
LOD-090 Bubble Crash Common
LOD-091 Royal Oppression Rare
LOD-092 Bottomless Trap Hole Rare
LOD-093 Bad Reaction to Simochi Common
LOD-094 Ominous Fortunetelling Common
LOD-095 Spirit's Invitation Common
LOD-096 Nutrient Z Common
LOD-097 Drop Off Super Rare
LOD-098 Fiend Comedian Common
LOD-099 Last Turn Ultra Rare
LOD-100 Injection Fairy Lily Secret Rare