Generation Force - US

General Informations

  • Release date: August 16, 2011
  • Cards number: 100
  • Reference: GENF-EN


  • Ghost Rare: 1
  • Secret Rare: 7
  • Ultimate Rare: 10
  • Ultra Rare: 10
  • Super Rare: 15
  • Rare: 20
  • Common: 48

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
GENF-EN000 Xyz Veil Super Rare
GENF-EN001 Gagaga Magician Super Rare
GENF-EN002 Gogogo Golem Common
GENF-EN003 Achacha Archer Common
GENF-EN004 Goblindbergh Common
GENF-EN005 Big Jaws Rare
GENF-EN006 Skull Kraken Common
GENF-EN007 Drill Barnacle Common
GENF-EN008 Jawsman Rare
GENF-EN009 Crashbug X Common
GENF-EN010 Crashbug Y Common
GENF-EN011 Crashbug Z Common
GENF-EN012 Super Crashbug Super Rare
GENF-EN013 Wind-Up Soldier Common
GENF-EN014 Wind-Up Magician Rare
GENF-EN015 Wind-Up Juggler Super Rare
GENF-EN016 Wind-Up Dog Common
GENF-EN017 Wind-Up Snail Rare
GENF-EN018 Spearfish Soldier Common
GENF-EN019 Flyfang Common
GENF-EN020 Skystarray Rare
GENF-EN021 Airorca Rare
GENF-EN022 Wingtortoise Rare
GENF-EN023 Space-Time Police Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN024 Time Escaper Super Rare
GENF-EN025 Gem-Elephant Common
GENF-EN026 Laval Magma Cannoneer Common
GENF-EN027 Gishki Diviner Rare
GENF-EN028 Gusto Codor Common
GENF-EN029 Saambell the Summoner Common
GENF-EN030 Geargiano Common
GENF-EN031 Poki Draco Common
GENF-EN032 Master of the Flaming Dragonswords Common
GENF-EN033 Perditious Puppeteer Common
GENF-EN034 Blue-Blooded Oni Super Rare
GENF-EN035 Ghost Ship Rare
GENF-EN036 Absolute Crusader Super Rare
GENF-EN037 The Great Emperor Penguing Common
GENF-EN038 Milla the Temporal Magician Common
GENF-EN039 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare, Ghost Rare
GENF-EN040 Submersible Carrier Aero Shark Super Rare
GENF-EN041 Number 34: Terror-Byte Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN042 Wind-Up Zenmaister Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN043 Leviair the Sea Dragon Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN044 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis Secret Rare
GENF-EN045 Wonder Wand Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN046 Double or Nothing! Common
GENF-EN047 Thunder Shot Common
GENF-EN048 Aqua Jet Common
GENF-EN049 Surface Super Rare
GENF-EN050 Crashbug Road Common
GENF-EN051 Infected Mail Super Rare
GENF-EN052 Cracking Common
GENF-EN053 Legendary Wind-Up Key Common
GENF-EN054 Wind-Up Factory Super Rare
GENF-EN055 Fish and Kicks Common
GENF-EN056 Future Glow Common
GENF-EN057 Vylon Filament Common
GENF-EN058 Quill Pen of Gulldos Super Rare
GENF-EN059 Star Changer Rare
GENF-EN060 Oni-Gami Combo Common
GENF-EN061 Resonance Device Rare
GENF-EN062 Peeking Goblin Common
GENF-EN063 Asleep at the Switch Common
GENF-EN064 Poseidon Wave Common
GENF-EN065 Explosive Urchin Common
GENF-EN066 Damage Vaccine Ω MAX Common
GENF-EN067 Overwind Common
GENF-EN068 Underworld Egg Clutch Common
GENF-EN069 Oh F!sh! Rare
GENF-EN070 Bright Future Rare
GENF-EN071 Past Image Common
GENF-EN072 Burgeoning Whirlflame Common
GENF-EN073 Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature Common
GENF-EN074 Utopian Aura Common
GENF-EN075 United Front Rare
GENF-EN076 Curse of the Circle Rare
GENF-EN077 Tyrant's Tummyache Common
GENF-EN078 Attention! Rare
GENF-EN079 Raigeki Bottle Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN080 Gravelstorm Common
GENF-EN081 Sea Lancer Rare
GENF-EN082 Piercing Moray Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN083 Lost Blue Breaker Secret Rare
GENF-EN084 Pain Painter Secret Rare
GENF-EN085 Orient Dragon Secret Rare
GENF-EN086 Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon Secret Rare
GENF-EN087 Fish and Swaps Rare
GENF-EN088 Painful Return Rare
GENF-EN089 Smashin Horn Super Rare
GENF-EN090 Elemental HERO Flash Common
GENF-EN091 Vision HERO Trinity Super Rare
GENF-EN092 Phantom Magician Common
GENF-EN093 Elemental HERO Nova Master Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN094 Masked HERO Goka Rare
GENF-EN095 Masked HERO Vapor Super Rare
GENF-EN096 Vision HERO Adoration Secret Rare
GENF-EN097 Mask Change Common
GENF-EN098 A Hero Lives Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
GENF-EN099 Steelswarm Roach Secret Rare