Flaming Eternity - US

General Informations

  • Release date: March 1, 2005
  • Cards number: 60
  • Reference: FET-EN


  • Ultimate Rare: 25
  • Ultra Rare: 4
  • Super Rare: 7
  • Rare: 14
  • Common: 35

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
FET-EN001 Space Mambo Common
FET-EN002 Divine Dragon Ragnarok Common
FET-EN003 Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter Common
FET-EN004 Insect Knight Common
FET-EN005 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN006 Hand of Nephthys Common
FET-EN007 Ultimate Insect LV5 Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN008 Silent Swordsman LV5 Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN009 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN010 Element Valkyrie Common
FET-EN011 Element Doom Common
FET-EN012 Maji-Gire Panda Common
FET-EN013 Catnipped Kitty Common
FET-EN014 Behemoth the King of All Animals Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN015 Big-Tusked Mammoth Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN016 Kangaroo Champ Common
FET-EN017 Hyena Common
FET-EN018 Blade Rabbit Common
FET-EN019 Mecha-Dog Marron Common
FET-EN020 Blast Magician Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN021 Chiron the Mage Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN022 Gearfried the Swordmaster Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN023 Armed Samurai - Ben Kei Common
FET-EN024 Shadowslayer Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN025 Golem Sentry Common
FET-EN026 Abare Ushioni Common
FET-EN027 The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion Common
FET-EN028 The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion Common
FET-EN029 The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion Common
FET-EN030 Whirlwind Prodigy Common
FET-EN031 Flame Ruler Common
FET-EN032 Firebird Common
FET-EN033 Rescue Cat Common
FET-EN034 Brain Jacker Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN035 Gatling Dragon Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN036 King Dragun Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN037 A Feather of the Phoenix Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN038 Poison Fangs Common
FET-EN039 Spell Absorption Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN040 Lightning Vortex Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN041 Meteor of Destruction Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN042 Swords of Concealing Light Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN043 Spiral Spear Strike Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN044 Release Restraint Common
FET-EN045 Centrifugal Field Common
FET-EN046 Fulfillment of the Contract Common
FET-EN047 Re-Fusion Common
FET-EN048 The Big March of Animals Common
FET-EN049 Cross Counter Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN050 Pole Position Common
FET-EN051 Penalty Game! Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN052 Threatening Roar Common
FET-EN053 Phoenix Wing, Wind Blast Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN054 Good Goblin Housekeeping Common
FET-EN055 Beast Soul Swap Common
FET-EN056 Assault on GHQ Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN057 D.D. Dynamite Common
FET-EN058 Deck Devastation Virus Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
FET-EN059 Elemental Burst Common
FET-EN060 Forced Ceasefire Rare, Ultimate Rare