Enemy of Justice - US

General Informations

  • Release date: May 17, 2006
  • Cards number: 60
  • Reference: EOJ-EN


  • Ultimate Rare: 25
  • Ultra Rare: 4
  • Super Rare: 7
  • Rare: 14
  • Common: 35

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
EOJ-EN001 Destiny Hero - Doom Lord Common
EOJ-EN002 Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious Common
EOJ-EN003 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN004 Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN005 Cyber Tutu Common
EOJ-EN006 Cyber Gymnast Common
EOJ-EN007 Cyber Prima Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN008 Cyber Kirin Common
EOJ-EN009 Cyber Phoenix Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN010 Searchlightman Common
EOJ-EN011 Victory Viper XX03 Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN012 Swift Birdman Joe Common
EOJ-EN013 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN014 Majestic Mech - Senku Common
EOJ-EN015 Majestic Mech - Ohka Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN016 Majestic Mech - Goryu Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN017 Royal Knight Common
EOJ-EN018 Herald of Green Light Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN019 Herald of Purple Light Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN020 Bountiful Artemis Common
EOJ-EN021 Layard the Liberator Common
EOJ-EN022 Banisher of the Radiance Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN023 Voltanis the Adjudicator Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN024 Guard Dog Common
EOJ-EN025 Whirlwind Weasel Common
EOJ-EN026 Avalanching Aussa Common
EOJ-EN027 Raging Eria Common
EOJ-EN028 Blazing Hiita Common
EOJ-EN029 Storming Wynn Common
EOJ-EN030 Batteryman D Common
EOJ-EN031 Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN032 Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN033 Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN034 Elemental Hero Mariner Common
EOJ-EN035 Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN036 Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman Common
EOJ-EN037 Misfortune Common
EOJ-EN038 H - Heated Heart Common
EOJ-EN039 E - Emergency Call Common
EOJ-EN040 R - Righteous Justice Common
EOJ-EN041 O - Oversoul Common
EOJ-EN042 HERO Flash!! Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN043 Power Capsule Common
EOJ-EN044 Celestial Transformation Common
EOJ-EN045 Guard Penalty Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN046 Grand Convergence Common
EOJ-EN047 Dimensional Fissure Common
EOJ-EN048 Clock Tower Prison Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN049 Life Equalizer Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN050 Elemental Recharge Common
EOJ-EN051 Destruction of Destiny Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN052 Destiny Signal Common
EOJ-EN053 D - Time Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN054 D - Shield Common
EOJ-EN055 Icarus Attack Common
EOJ-EN056 Elemental Absorber Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN057 Macro Cosmos Common
EOJ-EN058 Miraculous Descent Rare, Ultimate Rare
EOJ-EN059 Shattered Axe Common
EOJ-EN060 Forced Back Rare, Ultimate Rare