Cyberdark Impact - US

General Informations

  • Release date: November 15, 2006
  • Cards number: 60
  • Reference: CDIP-EN


  • Ultimate Rare: 25
  • Ultra Rare: 4
  • Super Rare: 7
  • Rare: 13
  • Common: 35

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
CDIP-EN001 Cyberdark Horn Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN002 Cyberdark Edge Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN003 Cyberdark Keel Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN004 Cyber Ogre Common
CDIP-EN005 Cyber Esper Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN006 Allure Queen LV3 Common
CDIP-EN007 Allure Queen LV5 Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN008 Allure Queen LV7 Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN009 Dark Lucius LV4 Common
CDIP-EN010 Dark Lucius LV6 Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN011 Dark Lucius LV8 Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN012 Stray Asmodian Common
CDIP-EN013 Abaki Common
CDIP-EN014 Flame Ogre Common
CDIP-EN015 Snipe Hunter Common
CDIP-EN016 Blast Asmodian Common
CDIP-EN017 Vanity's Fiend Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN018 Barrier Statue of the Abyss Common
CDIP-EN019 Barrier Statue of the Torrent Common
CDIP-EN020 Barrier Statue of the Inferno Common
CDIP-EN021 Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds Common
CDIP-EN022 Barrier Statue of the Drought Common
CDIP-EN023 Barrier Statue of the Heavens Common
CDIP-EN024 Vanity's Ruler Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN025 Iris, the Earth Mother Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN026 Lightning Punisher Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN027 Queen's Bodyguard Common
CDIP-EN028 Combo Fighter Common
CDIP-EN029 Combo Master Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN030 Man Beast of Ares Common
CDIP-EN031 Rampaging Rhynos Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN032 Storm Shooter Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN033 Alien Infiltrator Common
CDIP-EN034 Alien Mars Common
CDIP-EN035 Cyberdark Dragon Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN036 Cyber Ogre 2 Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN037 Corruption Cell "A" Common
CDIP-EN038 Flash of the Forbidden Spell Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN039 Ritual Foregone Common
CDIP-EN040 Instant Fusion Common
CDIP-EN041 Counter Cleaner Common
CDIP-EN042 Linear Accelerator Cannon Common
CDIP-EN043 Chain Strike Common
CDIP-EN044 Miraculous Rebirth Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN045 Mystical Wind Typhoon Common
CDIP-EN046 Level Down!? Common
CDIP-EN047 Degenerate Circuit Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN048 Senet Switch Common
CDIP-EN049 Blasting Fuse Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN050 Straight Flush Common
CDIP-EN051 Justi-Break Common
CDIP-EN052 Dimensional Inversion Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN053 Chain Healing Common
CDIP-EN054 Chain Detonation Common
CDIP-EN055 Byroad Sacrifice Common
CDIP-EN056 Trojan Blast Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN057 Accumulated Fortune Common
CDIP-EN058 Cyber Shadow Gardna Super Rare, Ultimate Rare
CDIP-EN059 Vanity's Call Common
CDIP-EN060 Black Horn of Heaven Rare, Ultimate Rare