Absolute Powerforce - US

General Informations

  • Release date: February 16, 2010
  • Cards number: 100
  • Reference: ABPF-EN


  • Ghost Rare: 1
  • Secret Rare: 8
  • Ultimate Rare: 10
  • Ultra Rare: 10
  • Super Rare: 14
  • Rare: 20
  • Common: 48

Cards distribution

Cards list

  Reference Name Rarities  
ABPF-EN000 Gravekeeper's Priestess Super Rare
ABPF-EN001 Unicycular Common
ABPF-EN002 Bicular Common
ABPF-EN003 Tricular Common
ABPF-EN004 Drill Synchron Rare
ABPF-EN005 Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow Super Rare
ABPF-EN006 Battle Fader Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN007 Power Supplier Common
ABPF-EN008 Magic Hole Golem Common
ABPF-EN009 Power Invader Common
ABPF-EN010 Dark Bug Rare
ABPF-EN011 Sword Master Common
ABPF-EN012 Witch of the Black Rose Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN013 Rose Fairy Common
ABPF-EN014 Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings Super Rare
ABPF-EN015 Reptilianne Servant Common
ABPF-EN016 Reptilianne Gardna Common
ABPF-EN017 Reptilianne Naga Common
ABPF-EN018 Reptilianne Vaskii Rare
ABPF-EN019 Oracle of the Sun Super Rare
ABPF-EN020 Fire Ant Ascator Common
ABPF-EN021 Weeping Idol Common
ABPF-EN022 Apocatequil Common
ABPF-EN023 Supay Common
ABPF-EN024 Informer Spider Common
ABPF-EN025 Koa'ki Meiru Urnight Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN026 XX-Saber Garsem Rare
ABPF-EN027 Gravekeeper's Visionary Super Rare
ABPF-EN028 Gravekeeper's Descendant Rare
ABPF-EN029 Black Potan Common
ABPF-EN030 Shreddder Common
ABPF-EN031 Pandaborg Common
ABPF-EN032 Codarus Common
ABPF-EN033 Consecrated Light Common
ABPF-EN034 Gundari Common
ABPF-EN035 Cyber Dragon Zwei Rare
ABPF-EN036 Oilman Common
ABPF-EN037 Djinn Cursenchanter of Rituals Rare
ABPF-EN038 Djinn Prognosticator of Rituals Rare
ABPF-EN039 Garlandolf, King of Destruction Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN040 Majestic Red Dragon Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare, Ghost Rare
ABPF-EN041 Drill Warrior Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN042 Sun Dragon Inti Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN043 Moon Dragon Quilla Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN044 XX-Saber Hyunlei Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN045 Cards of Consonance Super Rare
ABPF-EN046 Variety Comes Out Common
ABPF-EN047 Reptilianne Rage Common
ABPF-EN048 Advance Force Common
ABPF-EN049 Viper's Rebirth Common
ABPF-EN050 Temple of the Sun Common
ABPF-EN051 Rocket Pilder Common
ABPF-EN052 Break! Draw! Common
ABPF-EN053 Power Pickaxe Rare
ABPF-EN054 Spiders' Lair Common
ABPF-EN055 Iron Core Specimen Lab Super Rare
ABPF-EN056 Gravekeeper's Stele Common
ABPF-EN057 Machine Assembly Line Common
ABPF-EN058 Ritual of Destruction Common
ABPF-EN059 Ascending Soul Rare
ABPF-EN060 Ritual Cage Rare
ABPF-EN061 Pot of Benevolence Common
ABPF-EN062 Synchro Control Super Rare
ABPF-EN063 Changing Destiny Common
ABPF-EN064 Fiendish Chain Super Rare
ABPF-EN065 Nature's Reflection Common
ABPF-EN066 Serpent Suppression Common
ABPF-EN067 Meteor Flare Common
ABPF-EN068 Offering to the Immortals Rare
ABPF-EN069 Destruct Potion Common
ABPF-EN070 Call of the Reaper Common
ABPF-EN071 Lair Wire Common
ABPF-EN072 Core Blast Rare
ABPF-EN073 Saber Hole Super Rare
ABPF-EN074 Machine King - 3000 B.C. Common
ABPF-EN075 Alien Brain Common
ABPF-EN076 Forgotten Temple of the Deep Common
ABPF-EN077 Tuner's Scheme Super Rare
ABPF-EN078 Psi-Curse Common
ABPF-EN079 Widespread Dud Common
ABPF-EN080 Inverse Universe Common
ABPF-EN081 XX-Saber Emmersblade Secret Rare
ABPF-EN082 Alchemist of Black Spells Ultra Rare, Ultimate Rare
ABPF-EN083 Super-Nimble Mega Hamster Super Rare
ABPF-EN084 Cactus Bouncer Secret Rare
ABPF-EN085 Dragonic Guard Super Rare
ABPF-EN086 The Dragon Dwelling in the Deep Super Rare
ABPF-EN087 Djinn Disserere of Rituals Secret Rare
ABPF-EN088 Earthbound Linewalker Secret Rare
ABPF-EN089 Core Transport Unit Secret Rare
ABPF-EN090 Gale Dogra Rare
ABPF-EN091 Berfomet Rare
ABPF-EN092 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast Rare
ABPF-EN093 Viser Des Rare
ABPF-EN094 Evil Blast Rare
ABPF-EN095 Shield Wing Secret Rare
ABPF-EN096 Underground Arachnid Secret Rare
ABPF-EN097 Zeman the Ape King Secret Rare
ABPF-EN098 Skull Conductor Rare
ABPF-EN099 Shield Worm Rare